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I'm a serious anti-theist.  I oppose the very existence of religion, as I feel that it limits the human race, slaps on us the chains of anti-intellectualism, puts people in a position of behaving well only in expectation of reward or fear of punishment, and generally damages the chances of the human race's long term survival.

I'm not cool with that.  I want us to survive and thrive and colonize other planets, and somewhere in there, stop being a bunch of assholes to one another on a regular basis.

Religion is a direct (and undeniable, to my mind) threat to those things.

Gonna use a snippet of my logic that I posted in reply to a comment by one of my increasingly-few religious friends, here.  Apologies if you saw it on Facebook already.

I deeply, sincerely believe that the energy put into religion by the human race is wasted. Same for the money and the effort.

Apply that energy, that effort, that money, directly to problems like homelessness, mental health, poverty... and you will see a significant improvement in the world.  The psychological and sociological impact would be just as great. Greater, perhaps. 

My attempts to reach the rest of the world, to make them understand that sometimes you absolutely must use your head, must overcome the brainwashing that society tries to do to all of us from very early on?  I can't stop those.  Not and look in the mirror, anyway.

(And before you take umbrage at my use of the word "brainwashing," go Google the phrase "are religious summer camps brainwashing kids" and watch or actually read [no skimming!] some of the articles.  Of particular interest are "Brainwashed at Bible Camp" on Exchristian-dot-net, and the "Brain Washing (Jesus Camp ''Highlights'')" clip on YouTube.)

This is my way of trying my level best to make the world a better place. Well, one of my ways.  The other is writing fiction, because sometimes, a story is the best argument there is, the best teacher there is.  Besides, I love writing.  Might be that I couldn't truly stop writing, not and keep what sanity I have remaining to me.

But make no mistake; the stories I tell, when I'm telling original tales, at least?  (I've been known to do fanfiction, and wipe that smirk off your face, it's story-character-and-plot based, not porn!)  They won't include any acknowledgment that the christian god, or the muslim god, or any other god/dess from any Earthly religion exists.

Because those particular fictions?  They completely overwhelm my ability to willingly suspend my disbelief.

(Welllllllll... okay, there is one original story I've written [and tanked the rewrite on] that acknowledge the christian god and some of the others-- but that story does make most of the "mainstream" gods of the "primary" religions of this planet look like the jackasses that they would be if I thought for a second that any of them were real.)
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